10 Months Into The Journey – What to expect

This video was actually created and sent out to the community within the SFM, aimed towards students who have recently joined within the past couple of weeks, maybe even a month. It is there to show that I am only a couple of steps ahead of those people and what they can achieve with consistant work and effort.

Sometimes it’s nice to hear from someone in the middle, not highly succesful students who have been here for years, and not negative reviews from people who left after a couple of weeks. 

I always say to anyone it’s safe to aim for more of a middle ground, which is where I personally feel I am at. 

I am now getting ready to travel in november, at that point I would have been with the SFM for 1 year.

As you can see I am no natural on camera, i’m forever learning, just a raw edit with trains going by and flies hitting me in the face. I’m just an ordinary person who works differently. Finally things are really starting to pay off, I am now very close to opening up my 2nd and 3rd income streams using the skills I have learnt here.

Last 2 Months Comissions

To give you an idea of what is possible here within 10 months, I have screenshot my last 2 months. September hasn’t finished yet, but it shows what’s possible for an ordinary person to achieve online. All with the skills I have learnt here.

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A Few Recent Posts In The Community

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