The Tools And Programs I Use In My SFM Business

The Tools And Programs I Use In My SFM Business

The purpose of this web page is to provide you with all the tools and programs that I currently use within my SFM business. This page will be updated as and when I use/find different tools that work better than what I am currently using. I suggest you bookmark the page or keep hold of the email with this page as it may come in handy now or later on in your business.

My goal is to help you get a successful SFM Affiliate Business up and running. This opportunity we all have is life changing. I’m so excited to watch you succeed in the online space.

James Hancox


The purpose of this web page is to provide you with all the tools and programs that I currently use within my SFM business. This page will be updated as and when I use/find different tools that work better than what I am currently using. I suggest you bookmark the page or keep hold of the email with this page as it may come in handy now or later on in your business.

My goal is to help you get a successful SFM Affiliate Business up and running. This opportunity we all have is life changing. I’m so excited to watch you succeed in the online space.


James Hancox

How I Built My Website And Web Pages Like The One You Are On Now

Ok, well the honest truth is, I’m not very good with technology and building websites at all. I had to learn from complete scratch, like most people in this community. I started off by watching the Linked-in Learning Course – Building a WordPress website. It was very helpful but I still struggled to make anything look professional.

I found out that most people in the community with decent looking websites used something called a website builder. A website builder is basically a drag and drop option, so a lot of the coding is done for you. It means you can move photos, add videos, add text, comments, dividers, everything on this page very quickly and simply.

I personally used Divi. Which is part of a company called elegant themes. It costs me about $80 a year but was really worth the investment, especially with the amount of time it has saved.

It also allows me to create blank pages like this, which are extremely helpful when you want to stay in touch with your leads, so they can read your direct message and not continue on around your website.

Below is a quick video showing exactly how Divi works. You can find full training on YouTube.


My Top Performing Youtube Advert

I currently have 4 different youtube adverts that I split test. But the one below is the winner by a long way. I will continue to keep shooting new ads to try and beat this one. For now, it’s the one producing great results. 

You are welcome to write a similar script to this, however please understand that if you copy, Googleads will more than likely ban you for good. Which means you won’t be able to use youtube advertising. They are increadibly strict on duplicate content.

The most important part to your business at the SFM is your advert. This is what will attract your customers, it should be your top priority in the beginning. If you have a great ad, every other part of your business can be average and you can still get great success.

The Sales Process For Youtube

Trying to work out exactly how everything works and in what order can be a little confusing. When you joined the SFM through me, the journey would have been very similar to this.

It’s the standard process of any potential customer when advertising on Youtube. Pictures speak a 1000 words 🙂

If you are blogging/getting leads organically the process will be slightly.

The best part about all of this. Once you have created each part, everything will flow Automatically 24/7.


Tools Used To Create The Ad

Your advert is the most important part of your business. I chose to advertise on Youtube as my target audience is on youtube. Below are the tools I used to get up and running with youtube (googleads) within the SFM. Below that are the tools and programs I used to edit the advert.

Essential Member

It isn’t advised to advertise on youtube, unless you are minimum at Elite Level.

However if you choose to, check out Dan Holloways Facebook Page – Scrap the 9 to 5.

In the files section of the Facebook Group is Youtube Training.

This will teach you all the basics to get up and running.


Elite Member

Again, Check out Dan Holloways Facebook Page For Youtube Training

Check out Justin Woolf’s Training on how to write a script. This is very powerful stuff and has helped me massively.

It is in your elite back office, there is about 8 parts to the training.

Also, check out previous Elite Insight Calls


Gold Member Or Above

Check out all of the essential and Elite trainings.

Use the training in your Gold DEA Office.

The most important one. How to create a video ad that sells. This is a four part course. It’s amazing!

Make sure to join the weekly Marketing webinars and have 1-1 calls every couple of weeks with your coach.


I Filmed The Ad/Video by Using….

I recorded my Video Advert with my Iphone 7. You really don’t need much more than that to film a good ad. Make sure you film landscape with good lighting and don’t have to many distractions in the background. You want people to be paying attention to you, not people wandering down the beach behind you…

If you want to get more techincal, I now use the equipment below to help sound, lighting and ease with a tripod. Rather than resting the phone on boxes and pillows! But none of this is essential.

To Edit the Ad/Video

Movavi Video Editor

I had never edited a video in my life before the SFM, so this was all new to me, I purchased Movavi as I saw a lot of other affiliates were using it. Costs about $30 or so. Took me about 2/3 hours to learn from using youtube tutorials and then took a further few more hours to Edit my first video. It’s very easy and straight forward so I would highly recommend.

Adding B-Roll

It’s nice to add other videos into your ad, if your talking about being stuck in traffic, show traffic etc. If you have your own content, that is always best. You can find free b-roll videos on pexels. If you want slightly better quality videos, I started using story blocks. It’s pretty expensive, but has some great content.


It’s nice to add soft music into the background of your ad, I went to the below websites to get some free music. It’s very important to make sure you are allowed to use the music and it’s not copyrighted. I’m sure you’ll find other websites easily enough. It’s always a good idea to split test your ad with different music, to see which works best. 

Adding Subtiles 

I can’t express enough how important subtitles are in a video. I saw a stat the other day that 75% of people watch videos with the sound off. Crazy I know! So make sure to add subtitles. If you go to, it costs something like $1 per minute of your add for them to script them for you. So it cost me about $3, which is nothing for something so important!

Landing Page

The second most important part of the advertising is your landing page. The part were people will land after watching your advert this is the point you want to get there name and email address. Having a good converision rate on this page is crucial to get a good cost per lead. I recomened split testing landing pages constantly to keep on improving your converion rate.

The Two Landing Pages that I am currently split testing are below:

SFM Mini Site

To see the full page click here –

My Own Design Landing Page

To see the full page click here –

You want to make sure your landing page is as simple as possible. Don’t give pages and pages of information for people to scroll through before making a deicison. You need it to look professional, straight to the point and when they land on the page they know what to do straight away.

Thank You Page

Chances are, most people who land on your Thank you page will close it pretty quickly and dive right into there email inbox to open up the first workshop. But some people will look at this, so it’s a chance to either introduce Stuart or tell a story yourself to really build up more of a relationship with your potential customer.

Again, the two below are pages that I am currently split testing:

Landing Page 1 – Standard SFM – Mini Site

To check out the full page –

Landing Page 2 – Custom Made

To check out the full page –

Email List – I Use Aweber

If you have completed module 4 then you will have set up an email list with aweber, sending your leads to an email list is crucial. Stuart takes you through setting up aweber and importing the free video series in. I have stuck with this because it’s very well priced, simple to use and they have a great support team. In the future I may look at a different email follow up service, but for now aweber is the best to use in my opinion.

I will update this if/when I find something better.

When getting leads, they will appear in your aweber account. If you have set up for them to receive the free video series with Stuart then you want to make sure that the ‘open rates’ rates on the emails you are sending them are high.

I have been testing different headlines each month to try and increase the open rates. See below the open rates you want to be aiming to achieve.

It’s important that as many people as possible open the first email. After that you will want to get between 20-30%.

Google Ads & Stats

Once you start advertising on google-ads, you’ll want to know if the stats that you are getting are good enough to be profitable. The stats below are profitable in my business. So use this as something to aim towards, again, this is just taken off a month in my business. But it gives you an idea of what to work towards.

If your lead cost is coming in too high, you’ll need to re-do your ad. If you are getting loads of clicks but not conversions, your landing page isn’t good enough.

It took me a while to get results like this, so please don’t think it will all come over night.

As mentioned before you ad is the most important part of your business. Once you get it right, you’re laughing!


The amount of people the ad is shown to, people may choose to skip the ad, which ‘most’ of the time means you won’t pay for it.



The amount of people who have viewed your ad, you will pay for each view. As mentioned above the average view cost is 0.05p

View Rate

You want your view rate to be between 16-25% ideally. You want to show your ad to people who are interested only. First 10 seconds of your ad are crucial.


This is the amount of people who have wathed your ad and decided to click and find out more. They will then be taken to your landing page/website


These are your new leads, very important to have a ‘Click to Conversion’ rate of  minimum 25%, ideally higher.  So one in every 4 clicks converts to a lead.

Cost Per Conversion

Most important part of your business to keep it profiable is to have a low cost per lead, which converts back end. You Ideally want a maximum of $5 a lead


What is convertri? 

It’s a high speed loading site, where you can build landing pages, thank you pages, basically your funnel and pages load in some cases under 1 second. Having a page loading time that takes to long can massively affect conversion rates. So you may have heard of quite a few affiliates who use convertri. Myself included.


Should you get convertri?

My personal advice, you should only consider looking at purchasing convertri if you are getting results. The tool is used to help optimise results, so I wouldn’t recommed spending the money on it until you are already making money off your business. I didn’t purchase it untill about 6 months into SFM.  You can absolutley still get great results without it.

The reason for this, is it is expensive! At around $53 a month or so. There are discounts available if you pay a year in advance so if it’s something you are looking to invest it, check out what offers are available at the time.

If you have made it to the bottom of this page I am very impressed and I hope you have found the information helpful. Please understand this is my own personal advice and my own personal business. Everything that I have recommended is used to help you but may not guarantee the same results that I have had. I will continue to add to this page on a monthly basis, so keep it saved and keep up the awesome work!

Affiliate Disclaimer

I James Hancox am the owner of and I am in business as an affiliate marketer, I recommend products on for which I make commissions. I hope this disclosure will demonstrate my intent to run an honest and reputable business.

Recommendation Disclaimer

The purpose of this webpage is to keep you upto date on exactly what I James Hancox am doing in my affiliate business. The information on this page is not advice from the SFM/DEA/DBL. This information is from tools and programs that are working for me. You may not achieve any success from using these tools. This page is here to help guide you only.